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"Thank you so much. When  I got home last night and saw how beautiful my home was with the gorgeous shutters, my heart nearly burst.. There was a lot of happy dancing going on!  Everything Shutters have been a total delight to work with, from the original sales call, to the measuring and installing, it has been professional, fun and excellent in every way. The aftercare has been great too, you get the feeling like they really care and want you to love your new shutters!"


Kirstie Shapiro, Hauxton, Cambridgeshire

Whilst shutter panels open like a cupboard door and are held in place by magnets when closed. Most of the time people choose to leave the doors closed, instead choosing to open the actual louvres.  The louvres can be tilted to various angles enabling you to choose both the level of privacy required and the amount of light you want flowing into your room.  This makes shutters a fantastic window covering opposed to curtains and blinds which are either open or closed and cannot therefore offer this flexibility.


When choosing the size of your louvre, the 63mm & 76mm louvres are the most popular. The smaller the louvre the more horizontal lines your panels will have as can be seen with the samples below. 


We offer 6 different sizes of louvre and in our Solid Shutter range there are 2 styles to choose from.







Shutter Opening Styles


Centred and Offset Tilt Rod


Our Tilt Rods are securely fastened using machined staples to provide a robust device with which to open and close the louvres.  You can choose the position of your Tilt Rod being either offset to the left or right (image 2 below) or in a centered position

(image 1 below). 


To adjust the louvres you hold and move the Tilt Rod and all the louvres will move together.




Silent Tilt (Hidden Tilt)


For a more minimalist look to your shutters we offer an option to have a Silent Tilt/Hidden Tilt.  With a Silent Tilt option there is no physical sign of a Tilt Rod mechanism with it being hidden inside the panel stile (as shown in image 3).  Panels featuring this mechanism will have a groove and cover strip on one side. 


To adjust the louvres you simply touch one of the louvres and as they are connected internally, they will all move together.  


Silent Tilt has an additional charge of £30m2 irrespective of the range chosen.




Tilt rods