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"We are very pleased with the lounge shutters that were fitted last week. They look stylish, provide relief from strong morning sunshine without noticeably darkening the room. They also provide privacy and look much nicer than the previous net curtains. Please pass our thanks to the fitting team for doing a good job in a very efficient and courteous manner. Thank you also for sending the useful after care sheet."


Edward Lambourne,  Abingdon,  Cambridgeshire

Full height shutters

Full Height Window Shutters 

One of the most common window shutter styles, full height shutters run from the bottom of a window or door to the top. Providing maximum privacy and light control, these shutters may also feature a mid-rail or privacy bar for additional strength on larger panel systems and to divide controllable louvers. While the bottom section can be closed for privacy, the top section of the panel may remain open to provide natural light to enter your room. A variety of materials may be used for our full height shutters, depending on the width of your windows and therefore the number of panels needed to cover the space.

Cafe style shutters

Café Style Plantation Shutters

Their design provides excellent privacy at eye-level. A curtain or blind can be used in combination with café-style shutters for additional privacy. These shutters are particularly popular for ground floor and upper floor windows that are overlooked by passers-by and road traffic.

Tier on tier shutters

Tier-on-Tier Shutters

Tier-on-tier shutters or top opening shutters offer a similar look to full height shutters, with the exception that there are two full height shutter panels placed one above the other. Top and bottom panels may be opened separately. Louver sets also operate independently. This design allows you to have the top panels open while leaving the bottom panels in place for additional privacy.

Bay window shutters

Bay Window Shutters

Our collection of window shutter styles fit perfectly with the angles of your bay. Our plantation shutters deliver a perfect fit for all types of bay window configurations included three, five and seven panel bays and also square bays. We have a full range of quality bay frames, including a 90-degree version for even the most angular bay windows. Indeed, we can create custom shutter solutions to ensure a seamless look and fit for shutters in a bay window. Bays are either Angled, Square or Round and we cover all of them.

Solid shutters

Solid Shutters

Solid shutters are perfect for blocking out light, stopping draughts and reducing outside noise. Our customers who have trouble sleeping love these shutters as they make your room very dark. Likewise you can have them bi-folded back so as well as bedrooms they are used extensively in rooms such as lounges where you wish to fully open the shutters during the day.

Tracked shutters

Tracked Shutters

Our tracked shutters use full-height panels that hang down from special tracks, allowing the tracked shutter to open and close in a concertina-like manner. This sliding-hinge is central to the strength of our tracked shutters and means that even the widest window can be stylishly covered without any loss of stability. Generally tracked shutters are used to span doorways, room divides, wardrobes and other areas where the shutters need to be opened and closed regularly.

Skylight shutters

SkyLight & Roof Shutters

With windows set in the roof such as Skylight and Velux we have dedicated shutters. These fit to the frames of the window so you can still open the windows whilst having the ability to open/close the louvres. They look stunning and finish the rooms beautifully.

Shaped shutters

Special Shape Shutters

As architects and windows become more creative we have the ability to make shutters fit. All our shutters are made bespoke so whatever the shape we can make shutters for you. So whether your window is round, triangular, an arch or any shape you can have perfect shutters.