Full Height Window Shutters

Full height shutters are a favoured choice of shutters, renowned for their versatile and practical design. Covering your entire window, these shutters are particularly impactful on tall windows and patio or French doors. Their unique feature lies in the divider rail or split in louvre controls, allowing you to manipulate the slats above and below independently for optimal light and privacy control.

These shutters really excel at insulation and noise control, creating a thermal barrier in winter to keep you warm, while shielding against harsh sunlight in summer. Furthermore, they offer unparalleled privacy with independently controllable sections. Suitable for all window types, full height shutters blend elegance and practicality, ensuring a remarkable balance of light, insulation, noise control and privacy.

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Main Benefits of Full Height Shutters

  • Precise light management.

  • Complements any interior decor.

  • Upscale appeal enhances home value.
  • Choose from varied colours and finishes.
  • Full height design for ultimate privacy.


Below are just some examples of these shutters that we have fitted for customers